Beautiful Norway – Johan Johansen


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ISBN/EAN: 22111813081108
Auteur(s): Johan Johansen
Genre: Taal en reizen, cultuur
Uitgave: Hardcover, Noors-, Engels-, Duits- en Franstalig
Aantal bladzijden: –
Uitgever: Knut Aune Kunstforlag, Trondheim
1e druk, Jaartal: 1982
Afmetingen: 246 x 302 x 14 mm
Gewicht: 822 g + 130 g (verpakking) = 952 g
Loc: K-02-D-04-02

Beautiful Norway – Johan Johansen

In Norway there is plenty of space, Getting a bird’s eye view of the country from a plane you can see wonderous untouched mountain plateaus, steep majestic mountains, rivers and waterways winding through the fertile countryside to the fjords and the sea. And seeing all this you will realize that the people here are the guardians of a rich heritage.
It is not difficult to understand why environmentalists have sometimes gone to extremes in terms of civil disobedience and demonstrations to prevent the building of hydro-electric plants and to prevent further industrialization. But our nation is so thinly polpulated that in the forseeable future, we will all be able to enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty of the country even if increased mobility has brought urban society almost to its doorstep.

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Gewicht 952 g
Afmetingen 246 × 302 × 14 mm