Curvy Yoga – Anna Guest-Jelley


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ISBN/EAN: 9781454920663
Auteur(s): Anna Guest-Jelley
Genre: Sport
Uitgave: paperback, Engelstalig
Aantal bladzijden: 224
Uitgever: Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. New York
1e Druk, Jaartal: 2017
Afmetingen: 228 x 178 x 13 mm
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Curvy Yoga – Anna Guest-Jelley

Have you wanted to try yoga but wondered if it was for you? Or perhaps you were uncertain whether you could carry out the poses? As the creator of a body-affirming yoga phenomenon that embraces people of all shapes and sizes, Anna Guest-Jelley has written an encouraging book that is about to become your go-to resource. In Curvy Yoga, she shares stories about body shaming with poignancy and even sometimes with humor. Guest-Jelley also reveals how things started to change once she found yoga – the last thing the self-declared non-athlete ever thought was possible. In addition, Guest-Jelley shares how yoga can help you connect with your body and why accepting your body doesn’t mean giving up on it. Finally, in the appendix, she presents a series of pose instructions and options to make yoga work for your body – not the other way around.

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Gewicht 662 g
Afmetingen 228 × 178 × 13 mm