Gamblers handbook – E. Lenox Figgis F.C.A.


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ISBN/EAN: 0600340112
Auteur(s): E. Lenox Figgis F.C.A.
Genre: Hobby en vrije tijd,spel
Uitgave: hardcover met stofomslag, Engelstalig
Aantal bladzijden: 240
Uitgever: The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, London, New York, Sydney, Toronto.
1e Druk, Jaartal: 1976
Afmetingen: 196 x 124 x 22 mm
Gewicht: 400 g + 130 g (verpakking) = 530 g
Loc: K-02-A-06-17

Gamblers handbook – E. Lenox Figgis F.C.A.

The person who bets, whether he is a habitual gambler or one who occasionaly backs a horse in a big race, likes to have as much information to hand as necessary before placing his bet. All the information in the world will not guarantee winning, but it will certnainly prevent losing unnecessarily. The gamblers handbook not only presents a wealth of sound sense about betting in general, but also includes masses of tables and statisical data to enable the gambler to know exactly what he is up against when making his bets on particular events.

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Gewicht 530 g
Afmetingen 196 × 124 × 22 mm