Hollywood kids – Jackie Collins


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ISBN/EAN: 0000000011495
Auteur(s): Jackie Collins
Genre: Romans
Uitgave: hardcover, Engelstalig
Aantal bladzijden: 601
Uitgever: BCA, London/New York/Sydney/Toronto
4e Druk, Jaartal: 1995
Afmetingen: 204 x 139 x 41 mm
Gewicht: 574 g + 130 g (verpakking) = 704 g
Loc: M-01-C-04-02

Hollywood kids – Jackie Collins

They’re surrounded by everything money can buy.
They’ve grown up with the heady scent of fame and succes all around them. They’re the Hollywood Kids, the adult children of Hollywood royalty, who always get what they want – until a serial killer walks among them and starts hunting them down…

They are:
Jordanna Levitt, the twenty-four-year-old uninhibited daughter of a breathtaking movie star mother and a world-renowned, hard-living producer. Jordanna lives her life on the wild side – unsettled, edgy, always searching for the love and approval her father is incapable of giving her…

Bobby Rush, the thirty-something son of Jerry Rush – a screen icon. Bobby has always been in his father’s shadow – until one day he hits it big in an erotic thriller that orbits his career into turnaround, making him one of the hottest screen stars of the nineties…

Cheryl Landers, one of Jordanna’s closest friends and the daughter of studio owner Ethan Landers, is determined to make it on her own, so she takes over the Little Black Book of a friend and, at twenty-four, becomes the Hollywood Madam…

Grant Lennon, Jr, only son of a male superstar, struggling to prove himself as an agent while falling prey to the sordid, dark pleasures of the Hollywood rich kids underground.

Together with their friends they live the Hollywood Dream – too much, too soon – unaware of the threat hanging over them.
And into their lives comes Kennedy Chase, a beautiful, savvy journalist who’s on assignment to write the real truth about Hollywood. Kennedy doesn’t like what she writes about it anyway…
And Michael Scorsini, a tough, street-smart NYPD detective, visiting LA in persuit of his shattered family and to escape his own demons.
When opposites collide it’s a roller-coaster of excitement and danger.
Hollywood Kids is about people who will do anything for kicks, and the price they have to pay.

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Gewicht 704 g
Afmetingen 204 × 139 × 41 mm