How to draw the human figure step-by-step method


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How to draw the human figure step-by-step method

This book introduces you to an exiting approach to figure drawing. It was especially created by a group of America’s most eminent artists who have demonstrated the methods they have used in their distinguished careers.
You, too, will find that figure drawing is one of the areas of art that can bring you much fun and exitement. not only will you gain rich satisfaction from drawing or painting, but you’ll discover that people admire creative talent – and you’ll experience the pride of achivement that comes from developing a valuable skill that most others lack. A
lso, if you have sufficient desire and dedication, your talent in drawing could even lead you into an exciting and challenging career as a profesional artist. But wether or not you have ambition to be a profesional, you’ll find that art will be a wonderfully satisfying pursuit. In this book you’ll find fresh approaches to the following features:
– The human form
– Drawing materials and techniques
– Models – where to find them
– Gesture drawing
– Drawing – step-by-step
– The basic form figure
– Artistic anatomy
– Lighting the figure
– The figure in motion

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Gewicht 480 g
Afmetingen 279 × 228 × 10 mm