Insight guides: Singapore


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Uitgever: APA Publications, Hong Kong
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Insight guides: Singapore

From fishing village to commercial hub, Singapore has long been the focus of the world’s most storied region. Insight Cityguide: Singapore shows you why in a dazzling, insightfull account of the city. Join Apa Publications’ innovative team as they traverse the city and get acquainted with its people, its monuments, its culture. Let Singapore fascinate you with the city’s colurful nightlife and delight you with a tour of its shopping centers. Singapore entertains as it informs, featuring photography as captivating as the city itself.

History: Singapore recounts the challenges of the colonial era, the traumas of Japanese Occupation, the battle against Communism and the triumphs of the post independence period.

Places: Explore the world’s largest enclosed walk-in aviary, visit the city’s temples and mosques, discover its wet markets and discos, and stroll through the clean and green parks, gardens and streets.

Thing to do: Have breakfast with an orang utan, shop for Persian carpets and personal computers, tempt your tastebuds with dim sum and nasi padang, and admire the view from the world’s tallest hotel.

Faces: Singapore examines and analyzes the traditions, customs and philosophy of the city’s multi-racial population, revealing the secrets behind a harmonious coexistence.

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Gewicht 786 g
Afmetingen 223 × 151 × 23 mm