Intimate lies – Maria Barrett


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ISBN/EAN: 0316876763
Auteur(s): Maria Barrett
Genre: Roman
Uitgave: hardcover met stofomslag, Engelstalig
Aantal bladzijden: 410
Uitgever: Little, Brown and Company, London
1e Druk, Jaartal: 1997
Afmetingen: 240 x 162 x 35 mm
Gewicht: 686 g + 130 g (verpakking) = 816 g
Loc: M-01-C-01-06

Intimate lies – Maria Barrett

Two women, one man, and a deception that has nothing to do with love…
Jill Turner is devastated when her beloved husban Alex is reported missing – a suspected suicide.
Holly Grigson’s response to her own husband’s death is less conventional. She reacts with guilty, shameful relief…
Yet both women, strangers until now, greet the next piece of news with the same appalled disbelief. If the evidence can be believed, they where married to the same man. But can it be?
Immaculate and blonde, Jill cannot believe that Alex would have been attracted to the dark haired, chaotic Holly. Holly can’t believe that her art dealer husband could have led another life in the world of international high finance.
Yet whoever they were married to and whatever he really did, one thing soon becomes frighteningly clear: he operated in a dangerous, murky world. A world into which Jill and Holly are suddenly plunged as they strive to solve the deepening mystery around them. Plagued by anonymous phone calls, burgled by professionals and threatened by shadowy strangers, both women are faced with a terrible truth. Someone is looking for something very important and only one person knows where it is. And he, too, has gone missing…

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Gewicht 816 g
Afmetingen 240 × 162 × 35 mm