Lakeland geology – E.H. Shackleton


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ISBN/EAN: 185568022X
Auteur(s): E.H. Shackleton
Genre: Wetenschap, Studie, geologie
Uitgave: paperback, Engelstalig
Aantal bladzijden: 140
Uitgever: Dalesman Books
6e Druk, Jaartal: 1991
Afmetingen: 201 x 142 x 12 mm
Gewicht: 228 g + 40 g (verpakking) = 268 g
Loc: K-01-A-01-14

Lakeland geology – E.H. Shackleton

E.H. Shackleton, F.G.S., who died in February 1991, adopted a refreshingly diffrent approach in his book Lakeland Geology, first published in 1966. His crede was that the subject could only be properly studied in the field and could never be mastered in the armchair. As The Advancement of Science commented at the time of publication: “Mr. Shackleton has produced just the sort of book which will appeal to the Lake District visitor who wishes to know something of the nature and history of the rocks over which he is walking and who has not had the benefit of a geological training. He has brought a lifetime’s geological experience and knowledge of his native Lake District together in a thoroughly refreshing manner.” Not surprisingly, Lakeland Geology proved an instant success and went through five editions in less than a decade. It has become a “classic” of Lakeland literature – hence this reprint of the fifth edition of 1975. The temptation to alter and update the text has been resisted and it stands as a book of its time.

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Gewicht 268 g
Afmetingen 201 × 142 × 12 mm