Psychopharmacology of panic – Stuart A. Montgomery


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Auteur(s): Stuart A. Montgomery
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Psychopharmacology of panic – Stuart A. Montgomery

Panic disorder, now recognized in both the DSM-lll, DSM-IV, and ICD-10 diagnostic systems as an important condition, occurs in some 1.5 per cent of the general population and is associated with substantial morbidity. The distress caused by the disorder is reflected in the high rate of attendance at clinics and emergency departments and in the raised suicide rate that is associated with the illness. The boundaries of the disorder are not yet clearly defined and the evidence of substantial co-morbidity with social phobia has led to the debate about whether or not some of the phobias are secondary to panic disorder. The co-morbidity with depression, particularly recurrent brief depression, creates particular problems in interpreting studies since the evidence suggests that panic disorder with depression has a different pharmacology, and presumably a different underlying biological basis, to pure panic disorder. This has encouraged the study of the condition in the pure from without concomitant depression. Recent studies have led to the realization that the underlying biochemical and pathophysiological mechanism are more complex than was originally thought. The more simplistic theories of aetiology that explained panic symptoms in terms of learned misbehaviours have had to be modified or replaced to accommodate findings that point to the importance of the homeostasis of acid–base mechanisms, the finding that CCK-4 may provoke panic, and findings on the importance of serotonergic mechanisms which suggest a more specific biochemical abnormality. Until recently little guidance could be given about management and treatment. However, panic disorder appears to respond well to treatment and, as the chapters in the book make clear, there is now an increasing body of carefully collected data that will help lead to more informed choices for treatment strategies. This book provides a collection of critical papers by leading authorities on the subject stemming from an international symposium on panic disorder arranged by the British Association of Psychopharmacology. It brings together in one volume a timely update on the epidemiology and co-morbidity of panic disorders, as well as offering insight into the various theories of the genesis of the disorder, both biochemical and behavioural, and offers advice about various treatment strategies.

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