Rembrandt, the complete etchings – K.G. Boon


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ISBN/EAN: 23012409481105
Auteur(s): K.G. Boon
Genre: Kunst, schilders
Uitgave: hardcover met stofomslag, Engelstalig
Aantal bladzijden: 287
Uitgever: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Publishers, New York
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Afmetingen: 337 x 258 x 38 mm
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Rembrandt, the complete etchings – K.G. Boon

The profound humanity of Rembrandt’s art is acknowledged everywhere. No artist seems to speak in deeper, quieter tones than he, tones that once heard seem to echo unforgettably. In the generous format of this volume, the 300-odd etchings of Rembrandt’s life-time are presented complete, nearly all in their original size, with the fidelity that gravure reproduction makes possible. To respond to the art of Rembrandt is one of the great experiences open to mankind, and there is no finer approach than through the intimate knowledge of his etchings, made possible by this book. Thanks to the fabulous valeu that Rembrandt’s paintings have today, the artist’s life has become well know: his early wealth and fame, his short-lives marriage, his later withdrawal into comparative solitude and obscurity. Rembrandt painted throughout his life, but painting did not exhaust his creativity no more than did his countless drawings. With an equal constancy, he developed intro true magnificence the techniques of etching and dry point. Etching was not widely practiced before Rembrandt. He made of its delicate lines printed on white paper an art of unparalleled variety, from sophisticated simplicity to the richness of plates reworked over and over again. The reader will see the young Rembrandt’s works, so startling in style  and subject, then the broadening of his mature work into compositions of every kind landscapes, portraits, and scenes which may be domestic, religious, or sometimes, in his incomparable fashion, simultaneously both. The etcher’s needle is as natural an extension of the artist’s hand and heart as his paint brush and his reed pen. The importance of this book for all lovers of Rembrandt’s art, for all graphic artists, for all connoisseurs, collectors, and students, will be apparent at once. The reader will be profitably guided by Mr. Boon’s text and will refer to it again and again, finding in it the scholarly and sensitive answers of an authority whose life and career has been spent among Rembrandt’s works. As Chief Curator of printsin the Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam, which houses on of the world’s largest collections of Rembrandt’s ethings, Mr. K.G. Boon is incontestably fitted to illuminate and analyze the graphic work of the greatest of Dutch artist.

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Gewicht 2724 g
Afmetingen 337 × 258 × 38 mm