The art of Japanese management – Richard Tanne Pascaler


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ISBN/EAN: 0446303666
Jaartal: 1981
Auteur(s): Richard Tanne Pascaler
Genre: Economie, Management
Aantal bladzijden: 363
Uitgave: paperback, Engelstalig
Uitgever: Warner books, New York
Afmetingen: 172 x 107 x 24 mm
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The art of Japanese management – Richard Tanne Pascaler

“If there is one major lesson to be learned from the Japanese Business structure, it is how to manage… If we don’t want to lose out even more in the competitive race, we had better try to learn it…
The art of Japanese Management learn how you can how to use the 7-S Framework as a specific guideline to company growth and prosperity.
How to adapt Japan’s senior-junior relationship to train successors more effectively.
How current U.S companies who use strategies similar to that of Japan are succeeding.
How Japanese method of letting events percede publicity stacks up against U.S. announcement-in-advance practices.
How “Acceptance time” promotes group harmony.

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