The complete book of Quilting – Maggi McCormick Gordon


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ISBN/EAN: 0873499557
Auteur(s): Maggi McCormick Gordon
Genre: Hobby en vrije tijd, borduren en naaien, Engelstalig
Uitgave: hardcover
Aantal bladzijden: 176
Uitgever: KP Books, Iola
1e Druk, Jaartal: 2005
Afmetingen: 296 x 233 x 21 mm
Gewicht: 1030 g + 130 g (verpakking) = 1160 g
Loc: K-01-A-02-18

The complete book of Quilting – Maggi McCormick Gordon

‘The Complete Book of Quilting’ is the ultimate guide to both machine and hand quilting as well as patchwork and applique. Starting with a brief history of quiltmaking traditions, it moves on to cover all the basics, including choosing fabric, colour and design, tools and equipment, making templates, cutting, stitching and pressing. The core chapters in the book cover patchwork, applique and quilting in detail, with 30 techniques carefully described and illustrated with step-by-step sample blocks. The sixth chapter shows how to make up a quilt, with a selection of the different technique blocks made up into a traditional sampler quilt. The final chapter covers methods of care and display, and also has a glossary of quilting terms. Truly inspiring, but also very practical and reliable, ‘The Complete Book of Quilting’ will quickly become the one book that every quilter needs.

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Gewicht 1160 g
Afmetingen 296 × 233 × 21 mm