The Lucifer code – Michael Cordy


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ISBN/EAN: 9780552154474
Auteur(s): Michael Cordy
Genre: Thrillers
Uitgave: paperback, Engelstalig
Aantal bladzijden: 443
Uitgever: Corgi Books, London
1e Druk, Jaartal: 2006
Afmetingen: 177 x 114 x 29 mm
Gewicht: 228 g + 130 g (verpakking) = 358 g
Loc: M-01-C-05-11

The Lucifer code – Michael Cordy

What happens to us when we die? Oblivion.Or so believes Dr Miles Fleming, a brilliant, young neuroscientist who has developed a device capable of reading human brainwaves. But when his own brother contacts him after being certified dead for six whole minutes, Fleming wonders if he’s got it all wrong. His search for the truth uncovers a terrifying religious conspiracy to stage the most ambitious experiment the world has ever seen – to prove beyond doubt the existence of a heaven or a hell. As the world awaits the final judgement, Fleming must confront his own demons to save not only his own soul but that of all humanity.

THE LUCIFER CODE pits the faith of religion against the certainty of science in a heartstopping thriller which explores our deepest fears.

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Gewicht 358 g
Afmetingen 177 × 114 × 29 mm