The secret – Ruth Thomas


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ISBN/EAN: 0435124072
Auteur(s): Ruth Thomas
Genre: Kind en jeugd 10 jaar en ouder
Uitgave: hardcover (bibliotheek uitgave), Engelstalig
Aantal bladzijden: 246
Uitgever: Heinemann Educational/New Windmills, Oxford
1e Druk, Jaartal: 1993
Afmetingen: 192 x 130 x 19 mm
Gewicht: 322 g + 130 g (verpakking) = 452 g
Loc: K-01-B-01-28

The secret – Ruth Thomas

Mum knew she shouldn’t have left the children alone. That was why she was hurrying home, trying to catch the evening train. She was so worried about Nicky and Roy that she didn’t hear the thief come up behind her; she didn’t look carefully when she dashed across the road…
Back home Nicky is finding it harder to reassure her younger brother Roy. Where is Mum? Why hasn’t she sent a message? Soon the children are running out of money and the neighbours are getting suspicious. But whatever happens Nicky is certain of one thing – She will never tell.

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Gewicht 452 g
Afmetingen 192 × 130 × 19 mm